Kanuni Tax Compliance for the Digital Age

The new digital tax function is defined and underpinned by technologies that enable organisations to respond to the mandates of the global digital economy. The management of large-scale tax data , in a rapid fashion,  enables effective compliance and gives insights into policy and compliance decisions Keeping ahead of disruptive tax changes and leveraging the […]

The new digital tax function: is this a revolution or evolution ?

Change is a certainty, especially for the traditional tax function, and at an exponentially faster rate than other functions . What is causing this change and disrupting the status quo? Digital — in fact, the digitization of the working world in general. For companies, the transformation of the tax function is focused on the realization […]

Bringing RPA into your tax function

What is RPA ? Robotic Process Automation (‘RPA’) is an application of a cost-effective software that mimics human actions and connects multiple fragmented systems together through automation without changing the current enterprise IT landscape , without the need for wholesale business process reengineering as a precursor. Why you should consider RPA RPA can dramatically increase […]