Kanuni Tax Compliance for the Digital Age


The new digital tax function is defined and underpinned by technologies that enable organisations to respond to the mandates of the global digital economy. The management of large-scale tax data , in a rapid fashion,  enables effective compliance and gives insights into policy and compliance decisions

Keeping ahead of disruptive tax changes and leveraging the investment in your SAP implementation technology , that has transformed your business and your products, is a major challenge for most organisations . In an effort to close tax gaps and minimize corporate tax evasion, governments use new data collection methods and modern technology to gain visibility of your transactional data and maximise tax collections, such as VAT, GST and Sales & Use Taxes. This new approach is not only revolutionising the tax function , the underlying business processes such a supply chain operations, pricing , finance and others,  but will also have a major impact on your S/4HANA and ERP roadmap.

Companies that do not remain compliant face potential penalties , increased audit activity by authorities, disruption to their supply chain and ultimately a loss of credibility with customers – and last but not least significant impact to their ERP roadmap for the future.

Kanuni keeps you on track by offering you the most complete modern tax solution , with full integration from the initial business process through to the tax authorities and with full traceability throughout each step of the process, with built in user friendly global cockpit and RPA tools for reconciliation and submission processes .

With over two decades of SAP experience, as well as the underlying business processes, Kanuni has developed its service and product combination, to ensure that staying compliant does not interfere with your ERP initiatives and ongoing business activities .